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Panagiota Fylaktaki


LAVA (2018)

Staged at:

2018-2019: Danzarin, Athens (dir.: Maria Karageorgou)

Cast: 2-4 persons 

A fragmented story about love. The kind of  love that never finds its way to the surface, the one beaten by doubt, fear of rejection, hesitation of the moment. And the moment is gone, the opportunity missed for ever, and what lingers behind is the sense of an unfinished music piece. Lost in memory or expectation. The heroes live different love stories which could have been…but never did…A surrealistic blind date, a chance meeting of ex- lovers, couch confessions, a race with Pacman and scientific announcements coming from the future alternate with the rhythm and dance of Argentinian tango -based on human contact and the power of one glance. What our heroes pursue until the curtain falls…

“Lava is a flowing, steaming river of evaporated feelings. It’s the words left untold, the pending dreams. The urge within us to change the world. The fear to plunge into our truth. The resistance to the belief that love won’t last. The decision to stay.” –From the Director’s note.

The play is a co-writing project with Maria Karageorgou.


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