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Panagiota Fylaktaki


Greek History lessons(2009)

4 men, 2 women

Published by University Studio Press Publishing House, 2011.  Translated in English by Thalia Bisticas.

Staged at:

2011: ‘Outside the Walls’ Theatre, Thessaloniki
2014: “Exavda” Artists Group, Ioannina
2016: Municipal Theatre of Naoussa
2017: Theatre Society of Petra, Mytilini

2019: Xeniteion Theatre, Aridea

Synopsis: The wedding of a young couple is about to take place in a traditional chapel in a picturesque rural setting.  Because of a sudden snow-storm which blocks national roads, the Groom and upcoming MP, the pregnant Bride, the groom’s Mother, and Roulis, the bride’s father and former immigrant who’s now among the nouveau-riche, drift away from the train of cars which would bring them to the wedding and end up in the wrong chapel, far away from their scheduled destination.  The only two other persons there is the Priest, who is desperately looking for a congregation, and the Foreigner, who has found shelter from the snowstorm.  Soon the snow level blocks the exit, the power and telecommunications are cut off.  The six of them are snow-bound and forced to wait until the storm subsides and rescue units find them.  They have to struggle against time, cold, hunger but most of all against their true self which lurks wild in the shadows, when appearances are no longer kept and the masks come off.  Roulis’ obsession with his Mercedes, the Priest’s gluttony, the pretense of a wedding whose purpose is to camouflage the Bride’s pregnancy and the Groom’s real sexual preferences, and the Mother’s silent complicity are discovered by the Foreigner, who pays for this discovery with his life.  His murder is followed by cannibalism, as the five ones remaining will do anything to stay alive.  When several days later rescue units arrive on the spot, the five survivors feature on newspaper headlines and TV bulletins as the heroes of the day.  The Foreigner and the secret of his death are forever buried in the chapel and in the bed of their conscience.


Θέατρο Έξω από Τα Τείχη, Θεσσαλονίκη
Θέατρο Έξω από τα Τείχη, Θεσσαλονίκη
Θίασος ΕΞΑΥΔΑ, Γιάννενα
Θίασος ΕΞΑΥΔΑ, Γιάννενα
Θίασος ΘΕΑτρική Πινελιά, Νάουσα
Θίασος ΘΕΑτρική Πινελιά, Νάουσα