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Panagiota Fylaktaki


Artistic bio


Peny Fylaktaki is a playwright and translator. She was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She holds a BA (Honours) in English Literature from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an MA in Translation (Distinction) from the University of Surrey, UK and a PhD in Theatre Translation and Cultural Studies from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. The title of her doctoral thesis is “Trans-Staging: Greek Theatre Translation in the Whirlwind of Politics and Culture”.

She has attended a long-distance study programme on Creative Writing at the College of Creative Arts, Manchester, UK, a series of seminars on “Screenwriting” at the International Film Festival of Drama and a one-year course in playwriting at the ITI Institute of Athens. From 2001-2011 she has taught Creative Writing and Translation at the Department of English Language and Literature in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, while in 2015-2016 she taught Drama Translation in the Postgraduate Programme “Language, Literature and Intercultural Studies in the French and European world” in the Sciool of French Literature and Language, AUTH. Since 2009 she has been teaching Literary Translation and Playwriting at the Creative Writing Postgraduate Programme at the University of Western Macedonia, Florina and since 2017 in the Postgraduate Programme of Creative Writing in the Hellenic Open University. She has worked as teachers’ trainer in primary and secondary education all over Greece. She has been awarded the National Prize for New Playwrights 2004 by the Ministry of Culture, and has represented Greece in the Forum of Contemporary Dramaturgy “Tribute to the Balkans” at the Hellenic Centre of ITI (2014). She has worked as translator for the National Theatre of Northern Greece, Teloglion Foundation of Thessaloniki and the Hellenic Centre of ITI.

Her plays and translations have been staged in Athens, Thessaloniki, other big cities of Greece and abroad. Her plays The Championship, The Building, So What?, Lessons in Greek Modern History and Seaweeds have been translated in English and Spanish.

She lives in Athens.

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So What?


Translated in English by Vassiliki Misiou
2006: Peiramatiki Skiki of ‘Techni’, Amalia Theatre, Thessaloniki
2011-2012: “Lotofagoi” theatre group, Six Dogs, Athens/
Vrysaki Art Venue, Athens.

The Championship


National Award for New Writers by the Ministry of Culture, 2004.  Translated in English by Penny Fylaktaki and David Connolly) and in Spanish by Maria Palaiologou. Published in English in the American Drama Journal The Mercurian: A Theatrical Translation Review (Vol.4, No.2, 2013).
2005: “Playroom” theatre group, National Theatre of Greece, Athens.
2008: Ouga Klara Artists Group, ‘3rd Floor’ theatre, Thessaloniki.
2009: Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden, Contemporary Greek Play Readings Festival, London.

The Will


(based on the short story by Dimitrios Hatzis “The will of the teacher” from the short stories collection The End of Our Little Town)
2006: Ioannina Experimanetal Stage, Ioannina.

Lysistrata 2017


2007: Municipal Theatre of Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki.
2010: Contemporary Theatre Group, Zirides New Generation Institute, Athens.

Lessons in Moderk Greek History


Published by University Studio Press, 2011.  Translated in English by Thalia Bisticas.
2011: “Outside the Walls” theatre, Thessaloniki.
2014: Exavda Artists Society, “Dimitrios Hatzis’ Theatre, Ioannina
2016: “THEAtre art stroke”, Municipal Theatre of Naoussa
2017:Petra Drama Society, Mytilini

The Building


2014: 5th Forum of Contemporary Dramaturgy, “Tribute to the Balkans by the Hellenic Centre of ITI, Institute François, Athens/ National Theatre of Northern Greece
2015: Praxis Theatre Group, Michael Pilch Studio, Oxford

Like Father like Son


2013-2015: “Greek Theatre” group, AVLAIA theatre, Thessaloniki
ΖΙΝΑ theatre, Athens
2015: “Pegasus” Theatre, Katerini
2016: “Almopian expression” theatre company, Xenitidion Theatre, Aridea
2016: “In Action” theatre group, Athens
2017: Cultural Centre of Giannitsa, Giannitsa
2017: Cultural Centre of Pieria, Katahas
2018: Chios Theatre Group, Chios Island
2018: Municipal Theatre of Roumeli, Lamia

Peter Pan and the Princesses-The Magic Potion


2015: Kolossaion Theatre, Thessaloniki
2016: Fargani Art Theatre, Thessaloniki

Peppa's Dream


2016-2018: Kolossaion Theatre, Thessaloniki- Vembo Theatre, Athens and tour in more than 30 cities around Greece



2017: Staged Reading Festival, Technis Theatre, Athens

Unstaged Works

What's in a Name?


How would you like to die?


(based on Jean Teule’s novel The Little Shop of Suicides)

The Kid


(stage adaptation of Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid)



(based on Karagatsis’ short story “The Holy Week of a Junkie”)

Swan Lake-The Legend


Lucy's Question