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Panagiota Fylaktaki


Peppa’s Dream (2016)

3 men, 5 women

2016: KOLOSSAION theatre, Thessaloniki

2017: VEMBO theatre, Athens

2016-2018 tour in over 60 cities around Greece

The Story: Peppa Pig wakes up from a wonderful dream: she saw that she was jumping in a huge muddy puddle with her family and friends. They are all having breakfast, prepared by Mummy Pig, and still Peppa is looking forward to seeing her dream come true. The sunny day gives no hope for a muddy puddle, but Peppa and her friends find ways to play in the garden and forest, chasing butterflies and playing hide and seek games. The muddy puddle is nowhere to be seen until the end of the day, so Peppa is patiently waiting for the next day at the school. The next morning the children are at school with Madam Gazzelle. A big surprise comes when Madam Gazelle announces that they will go to a new Joy Fair which has opened close to their city. The Joy Fair is magically wonderful and all children have a beautiful time, but a sudden rainfall puts an end to their play and singing. Peppa and her friends feel sad about the rain, and lose all hope of having a good time at the spectacular Joy Fair. The rain soon stops and everybody is amazed to see a huge muddy puddle created by the rain. It is the moment where real life becomes as beautiful as a dream, the moment when dreams finally come true!


Το Όνειρο της Πέππα, Kolossaion Productions