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Panagiota Fylaktaki


Lysistrata 2017 (2007)

3 men, 3 women

2007: Municipal Theatre of Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki.

2010: Modern Theatre Group, Zirides New Generation Institute, Athens.

2013: Thessaloniki School Theatre Contests.

2017: 5th Evening EPAL theatre group, Thessaloniki

The Story Adaptation of Aristophanes’ play to contemporary reality.  Women agree on abstinence from their marital duties.  In a press conference, they ask their husbands to stop their daily battle at workplace and cease fire in their job competition and pursuit for promotion, which makes them spend endless hours at work, neglect their wives, miss their children’s upbringing and grow strangers more and more every day.  Various family stories join together in a female voice of protest which leaves men alone to face daily nightmares such as housekeeping and helping children with their homework.  The solution is found in a forgotten school scrapbook, which reminds all of the burning flame of first love and of the fact that despite their differences, the two sexes are made for each other.